Continuity of Care

Transferring Care to a Provider On or Near Campus

  • If you take psychiatric medication and are moving to the U-M campus from outside of the area, it is important that you find a care provider on or near campus whom you can see while you are at school.
  • Visit our resource database to find a local care provider who can prescribe and manage your treatment.
  • To help make a smooth transition of care, make sure that you transfer your medical records from your current care provider to the care provider you will be seeing while at U-M. Because medical information is private, your care providers cannot communicate with each other unless you give them written consent to do so. Ask your current care provider for a release of information form so that she/he can share your medical records with your new provider.

Getting Care Outside of Ann Arbor

  • If you are a student being treated with psychiatric medication and you leave campus for extended breaks during the school year (e.g., summer and winter break), it is important that you have a care provider wherever you are.
  • You may need to ask your care provider in the Ann Arbor area for a release of information form before you leave campus so that she/he can share information with your other provider.

What is a release of information form and why is it important?
A release of information form gives your care providers the legal right to communicate with each other and share information. Allowing your care providers to share information can help them provide you with the best and most efficient care.


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