Academic demands

Many new students find that adjusting to the academic demands of U-M can be stressful.  During your transition to U-M you’re likely to find that differences in your work load, class structure or other aspects of academic life may take some getting used to.

  1. Time management: Classes meet less often so you will have to spend more time working independently or in groups outside of class.  Finding time for school work while balancing your social life and other outside responsibilities can be challenging, but practicing a few time management skills can help you get your schedule under control, stay on task, and reduce stress.  See the Mitalk website and our self-care strategies for some helpful time management tips.
  2. Academic support: You may find yourself in larger classes or classes with fewer graded assignments than you’re used to, and you’re likely to receive less verbal and written feedback from your instructors as well.  Attending your instructors’ office hours can be a good way to connect with them, talk about how you are doing in the class, and get help if you need it. U-M also has many free academic resources available for your use.

Stress management:  Grades are often based on a just a few exams and assignments that happen around the same time during the term, rather than on regular projects, quizzes and tests that are evenly spaced throughout the term. This can create periods of heightened stress for students. Keeping up with work throughout the semester, getting enough sleep, and practicing some stress management and relaxation techniques can help reduce stress and make exam time more manageable.  See the Mitalk website for information on everything from managing stress to tackling test anxiety and avoiding perfectionism.


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