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Participate in Research

Each year, thousands of volunteers take part in University of Michigan clinical research. Participation from people like you helps researchers discover valuable information that helps improve health care for all patients. Click here for answers to your questions about participating in research.

At, you can search listings of studies that are currently in need of participants, find answers to your questions about mental health research, and hear stories from real research volunteers.

Mental health research helps us learn more about the causes of mental health conditions as well as the best ways to prevent and/or treat them. Research studies need a wide range of participants to improve care for as many people as possible. People of all ages, sexes, and races participate in research studies. Some studies may seek help from people who have multiple diagnoses, who have not yet been diagnosed or are family members of those living with mental health conditions. Some studies offer compensation.

Visit for more information on the benefits of getting involved.




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